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Fall is officially here! And while that means pumpkin spice everything, sweater and legging weather it also means it’s time to experience the dreaded Autumn Lash Shed. So what is Autumn Lash Shed? Well, if it seems your lashes are shedding at a faster rate than usual, you’re right! On any given day, the average person loses 1-5 lashes per eye. During October and November it isn’t uncommon to see more eyelashes shed while you are washing your face, putting makeup on, or doing your daily activities.


Why does Autumn Lash Shed Happen?

There is no real scientific reason why this happens, however, experts think this has something to do with ultraviolet rays. Women tend to grow more hair during the summer months to protect their scalp from the hot sun and UV rays. Once autumn rolls around, that additional growth is no longer required to protect them, so we see some hair shed. Your lashes are also hair, so it stands to reason that your lashes experience some growth in the summer to protect your eyes. Once the sun starts shying away more in the Fall, that additional hair is no longer needed and sheds. This “shed” usually starts in the first week of October and ends in December, once the cold weather is in full effect.


So What Can You Do About It?

First, it’s always a good idea to take your vitamins. Vitamins containing Biotin are especially helpful for growing your hair and lashes. But that’s not all! A much more glamorous way to minimize the appearance of Autumn Lash Shed is LASH EXTENSIONS! Booking refills every 2 weeks during October and November will keep your lashes looking long, full, and voluptuous. If that’s not really your speed, you could also opt for lash tinting and lifting services. All of which we offer here at Blu: A Salon Company. If you’d like to learn more, feel free to call the Swedesboro salon or you can always message us on Facebook or Instagram. If you’re ready to take the plunge into fuller lashes, feel free to book your reservation online by clicking here.

Hope to see you (and your lashes) very soon!

By Amy Brooks-Hubbs

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