Lately, we’ve had a ton of dark-haired clients come in expecting to leave a platinum blonde. I guess we have the Kardashians to thank for that. But while Kylie, Kim and Khloe have a whole day to sit and spend at the salon, you do not. Here’s why you can’t expect to go from black to blonde overnight.

To achieve a platinum blonde from a deep brunette, you’d need to breakthrough the underlying tones while still maintaining the integrity of the hair. While every client has the same underlying pigments – red, orange, yellow, and pale yellow – they vary in depth. Darker hair is obviously going to have more pigment, that you’d then need to break through with lightener. If you attempt to over-process the hair to achieve this look in one session, it can cause breakage to the hair or, in extreme cases, cause the hair to fall out.

Then there are the clients with color already on the hair. The more buildup of color in your hair, the more pigment that you have to break through to achieve that platinum blonde look. All that processing simply isn’t good for your hair.

Our hair is made of keratin. Each process of lightening breaks down that keratin and weakens the hair. This process, if not done correctly, could leave a client with extremely damaged, fragile hair. The key word is PROCESS. You cannot reasonably go from black to blonde in one three-hour sitting. It takes multiple sessions and lots TLC at home to achieve and maintain that white blonde hair.

Basically, you need to be realistic when sitting in your stylist’s chair. A good stylist, like the ones you’ll find at Blu, will take time to consult with you to make sure your hair dreams can become reality

If you’re looking to take your color from black to blonde, you have to be patient. The transition, when done safely, cannot happen overnight. Instead, you should sit back, relax and enjoy the process. Coming back from the dark side is a journey, and it’s important – for the health of your hair – not to rush it.


By: Rachael Gross