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Are you following Blu: A Salon Company on social media? You may be following us on Facebook and Instagram, but there is so much more! 

Why should you follow us? We’re always sharing the latest trends and styles that are taking the world by storm. Our Stylists and Lash Artists are always growing and evolving in their craft to give you the best service possible – and they are always showing off their best work online! We also post exclusive for exclusive offers, last minute openings, salon news, contests, and more! You wouldn’t want to miss out, would you?

As you know, we recently opened up a second location in Carneys Point, NJ. It may look a little familiar, and that’s because it’s the very first Blu location we ever had! How exciting! But did you know that Blu 2 has it’s own social media accounts? Make sure you’re following Blu 2 on Facebook and Instagram. We even made it easy for you and linked the Blu 2 pages in this post!

That’s not all! We also recently expanded our social media empire. Please follow Blu: A Salon Company on LinkedIn and Pinterest as well! And don’t forget to Follow Michelle on social media as well. You never know what surprises she comes up with! 

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