What would you do if I told you prebooking your reservation would get you a free product? You’d prebook, right? Well guess what? You CAN schedule in advance and get all sorts of free and discounted stuff from us! A lot of our clients are unaware of our loyalty program. We have a sign at the front desk, but we know there’s a lot going on so it’s easy to miss.

The loyalty program works like this: for every $10 you spend with us, you receive 5 loyalty points automatically. In addition, prebooking your next reservation during checkout will earn you 50 points, and referring a friend will get you 100! The best part? You can prebook your reservation and call to reschedule if needed, and still be able to keep your loyalty points – you’re not locked in to that day!

These points add up quicker than you’d think (especially for anyone getting a color or chemical service regularly!) Let’s say you schedule highlights, a haircut and style with the one and only Becky. Your total is about $180. Now say you prebook your next reservation – which is highly recommended when it comes to getting in with Becky! Your loyalty points at checkout total 140 for that visit! That’s not including any shampoo, conditioner, or other products you pick up to maintain your new look – which is also highly recommended!

Keep this up for a few more visits and you can redeem your points!

At Blu, it literally pays to schedule.