Our lives are busy. Running here and there, taking care of a family, careers.. we run out of time to take care of ourselves. By the time you have a second to yourself, it’s late at night. Another day gone, and you never got around to scheduling that hair appointment.

Don’t let the craziness win! You can schedule your reservation with us online. Yup, that’s right! We know it can be a little confusing, so in honor of September and back-to-school here’s a crash course on how to schedule!

Click HERE to go to our website, then click BOOKING.

First, enter your contact information. This is important incase we have a question about your reservation, or to call to confirm your reservation if you don’t confirm via text message. 






Next, select your date and time preferences.




Now choose your services. The guys have it pretty easy – men’s cut, plain and simple. But us women have a little more of a challenge – especially when scheduling a color service. The best way to do this is by selecting your color service(s) FIRST, as shown. 



THEN, click the “+” button and select your other services, such as a haircut, wash & style, and any waxing services you may need. Next, click “Find an Appointment”



If your selected stylist has any availability on your chosen day, it will show up here. Simply click the “Book” button for your desired time slot. 

The next screen will ask you to confirm your chosen reservation. It will then be sent to us for approval, and you will receive an accepted or rejected notification.



And that’s it – pretty simple! Click HERE to book your reservation. We’ll see you soon!