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On Small Business Saturday, you’re not just buying a service. You’re paying for a kid’s dance lessons. You’re putting Christmas presents under the tree. You’re not putting money into a big corporate machine. You’re directly putting money into the pockets of those who are serving you.

Blu started with 350 square feet, a dream of independence, and a 5’3” stack of perseverance named Michelle in June of 2004.  Low rent and big dreams were coupled with days that ran long past sunset and just a year later Michelle moved Blu to an 1,100 square facility a town over. By 2007, the little boss known as Mellania came along – and the dream grew.

It was in 2009 when Blu became Blu Salon & Spa and found itself in a massive Victorian building in the heart of historic Penns Grove.  Michelle’s initial endeavor now had her at the helm of a much larger team offering more services than ever before.  She successfully grew the salon with the drive of a business professional with vastly more experience than her young age should have been able to amass while maintaining the heart and core values of family. 

The dream continued to grow and thrive until it blossomed into what it is today, Blu: A Salon Company. Two locations in Carneys Point and Swedesboro – one being Michelle’s “baby blu” – the very first location on Shell Road in Carneys Point, NJ.

When you shop at a Small Business, you’re building dreams like Blu. Do us a favor, keep all dreams alive by shopping small businesses this Small Business Saturday (November 24th, 2018) and all holiday season. (We’ve got some amazing deals to make it worth your while! 😉)

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