A Full-Service Salon Offering premium color products and techniques, shaping and waxing, trend cutting, wet and dry, plus special events and make-up.

✂ HAIR Price Menu

Ala carte and consultations are free, we offer free consultation and we do video consults via Instagram.

Cuts & Styles

Shampoo Cut & Style $38 $50 $54 $57 $62 $64 $68
Shampoo & Cut (No Style) $23 $28 $31 $33 $37 $39 $41
Barber Styles $18 $22 $23 $25 $28 $29 $31
Kid’s Cut (12 & under) $18 $20 $23 $25 $28 $29 $31
Bang Trim $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13
Special Occasion
Flat or Curling Iron; Hot Rollers <10 $1 per min <10 $1 per min <10 $1 per min <10 $1 per min <10 $1 per min <10 $1 per min <10 $1 per min
Shampoo & Blowdry $20 $26 $31 $33 $35 $37 $41
Clear Gloss $17 $17 $17 $17 $17 $17 $17
Conditioning Service $12 $12 $12 $12 $12 $12 $12
Conditioning with Massage $26 $26 $26 $26 $26 $26 $26
Length/Thickness $12 $12 $12 $12 $12 $12 $12


Touch Up, up to 3 oz Max $35 $46 $48 $49 $52 $53 $54
Overlays & Add On Color $12 $12 $12 $12 $12 $12 $12
Corrective Color; per hour By Consult By Consult By Consult By Consult By Consult By Consult By Consult
Full Foils; 31+ Foils $79 $93 $103 $112 $122 $131 $141
Partial Foils; 11-30 foils $60 $83 $93 $102 $112 $121 $131
<10 Foils; per foil $5 $6 $7 $10 $11 $12 $13
Men’s Color $30 $32 $35 $42 $45 $45 $48
Extensions By Consult By Consult By Consult By Consult By Consult By Consult By Consult


Full Perm; 31+ Rods n/a $47 $50 $54 $58 $62 $65
Straightening n/a $89 $93 $97 $102 $107 $112


Application $41 $41 $41 $41 $41 $41 $41
Lash Application $12 $12 $12 $12 $12 $12 $12
Airbrush $60 $60 $60 $60 $60 $60 $60
Lash Extensions – Full Set & 1 fill $180 $180 $180 $180 $180 $180 $180
Lash Extensions Refill $55 $55 $55 $55 $55 $55 $55
Spray Tan $35 $35 $35 $35 $35 $35 $35


Brow $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13
Lip $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13
Chin $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13 $13
Full Face $33 $33 $33 $33 $33 $33 $33

*Above rates are starting quotes, and subject to change. Request a price consultation with your stylist prior to your services to adjust your reservation if needed.



Owner & Stylist Level 4aa

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Michelle is the owner of Blu 1 and 2, as well as a full-fime stylist as well as an inspiration, and a generous teacher.

Michelle’s abilities as a stylist are absolutely incredible! She has the highest stylist rating in the company and her clients have been loyal to her for years!

Read Michelle’s full bio on our “About” page to find out more about her and the evolution of Blu: a Salon Company.


Stylist Level 3

Stylist of the year

My name is Gabriella Brace. Are you ready to embrace your hair?

Everyday is a new day to make changes, to reward and appreciate your best self. I love helping inspire every guests aspirations to be different, to set themselves apart, to encourage you to be strong, powerful and beautiful!

I’m not “just a hairdresser” I’m a chemist, an artist, a therapist, a mathematician, and most importantly curious to never stop learning.

Your hair is my canvas and my goal is, for everyone that sits in my chair to leave with a smile on their face.

Through the years I have mastered a wide range of techniques from fashion colors and balayage to cutting and extensions. As an artist I like to step out side the box and achieve the look you are striving for!


Stylist Level 2

Eileen has a fearless style. She’s accepting new guests and of course current clients.

Having worked for 20 years in the industry, she believes anyone can look like a star. According to Eileen: “When you look good, you feel even better.”

For your next service, whether it be to work or going to a major event, she will make you feel confident about your style. She specializes in color creating, means sculpting/ fading, and women’s cuts. Add to that new fresh knowledge and education paired with solid experience, she will not disappoint.


Associate Stylist Level 2

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I love that every guest that sits in my chair leaves with a smile on their face!

Giving you a beautiful hair color & stunning style that you love, makes me love what I do. My blow outs are the bomb – I give each of my guests a custom blow out that works with their hair!

I also keep myself up to date on the latest trends & continue my education to give my guest the best knowledge & service!



Stylist Level 4a

Top stylist since 2012
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To most this is a “job” but for me this is my PASSION! I get to paint hair, listen to what my clients, I am honest, I style and cut your hair to give you the best style for YOU.

Everyday i get to go to “work” and change someone’s outlook on themselves. I get the chance to show each individual how beautiful they from the inside out!

Each year I grow & learn. I feed my soul with knowledge to share my passion with my guest. My heart explodes each time I learn and share something new.

Ready to make a deep, happy connection with your stylist? If the answer is yes I am your girl! I’ll leave you with all the hair knowledge. Hurry while you can my book fills quickly 😉!


Stylist Level 3

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Hey I’m Rachael! I’m a kick ass colorist at Blu; A Salon Company 1&2. I LIVE to get education and grow my skills to achieve results that most can’t!

Foilayage (a lightening technique were hair is painted into a foil for maximum lift: the kind of lift you show your stylist in pics but could never achieve) is my new favorite trend!

As a stylist I like to use different techniques in my foilayages, allowing me to be creative with each head, considering no two heads are the same.  I use this process to maintain integrity of the hair while also taking you to a new level – those colors that make you stand out and feel as awesome as you look!

I also like to create a plan for your future with me, in salon and at home.


Stylist Level 2

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Julia is a phenomenal stylist who loves to have fun behind the chair, and who’s main goal is to make you look and feel beautiful, inside and out.

Working at both Blu I & II, she’s always ready to take care of you! Our in house social media guru, she loves to stay up to date on the newest trends! Offering full salon services behind the chair, she specializes in and loves blonding most – Balayage, highlights, baby lights, foilayage you name it, she’s got you covered!

She also offers lash lifts – where you can enhance your natural lashes in under an hour! Or ask her about her braiding skills – you’ll be blown away! Julia never stops learning – she loves attending classes and has a passion and hunger for education. She hopes to educate others herself, one day. Julia will teach you how to enhance your natural beauty in every which way, making sure you’re always leaving Blu the best version of yourself!

Makeup & Waxing


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Brow: $13
Lip: $13
Chin: $13
Full Face: $33


Application: $41
Lash Application: $12
Airbrush: $60
Lash Extensions – Full Set & 1 fill: $180
Lash Extensions Refill: $55
Spray Tan: $35

Spray Tan

Fake Bake

Fake Bake works with your own unique skin tone to produce a naturally-based, darker pigmentation on your skin’s surface that lasts longer. This organic tanning solution is paraben-free and has no artificial preservatives, so you can feel confident knowing you’re using a safe and healthy product. The moisture-rich formula even softens your skin! Each Fake Bake application lasts about a week, and is the only tan that’s actually good for your skin.


  • Properly exfoliate the night before your spray tan, and fully shave your legs.
  • Avoid lotions, deodorant, perfumes, oils, DOVE soap, etc. prior to your appointment. Any product on your skin will affect how the tan adheres to your skin, and may cause a blotchy appearance.
  • Wear loose clothing to your appointment to allow your skin to dry and process.
  • Allow 8 hours after your spray tan to shower.
  • Use alcohol free moisturizer regularly after your tan to seal and protect your spray tan.

Prices: Full Body Spray Tan: $35

Only available at Swedesboro location


Sen Sumana Massage and Bodywork

is coming to Blu Salon, offered to this community by Sarah Kleinhenz, a licensed massage therapist.

  • 30 minutes – $40
  • 1 hour – $80
  • 90 minutes – $120
  • 2 hours – $160

Therapeutic Massage: Awakens and restores vital energy by using Swedish, Deep Tissue and Range of Motion techniques.

Table Thai Massage: A clothed bodywork session in which muscles are pressed and compressed, then stretched. The body is moved into yoga-like poses while being massaged.

Ashiatsu: A Japanese word that means foot pressure. Overhead bars are utilized to perform one footed or two-footed movements giving either a light to medium or very strong pressur massage. Contraindicated for some medical conditions.

Signature Service

Thai Sports Massage: Sarah’s combination of a full body table Thai session (60 or 90 minutes) and 30 minute targerted oil massage to sports effected muscles.

  • 60 minutes – $120
  • 90 minutes – $160

Sarah Kleinhenz: Massage Therapist

Sarah has over ten years experience in her field. She utilizes Medical Deep Tissue techniques and Eastern modalities such as Table Thai Stretching and Barefoot Ashiatsu. She brings to you these three separate styles at prices only slightly higher than chain centers and much less than spas, as a way to become part of your health care! Her heart and purpose in life is help and heal.  All styles of massages are priced the same to keep them equally accessible to our community.

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